Команда - Duga Studio

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Know more about our studio life

We are a team of designers and architects dedicated to put expertise and commitment to excellence above everything else.

Our strength is team work. We take on any facilities, and every part of our work is supervised by a dedicated expert. Our team includes architects, designers, visualizers, civil engineers, and we know how to work in unison.

Our advantages are 10 years of experience, extensive geographical coverage, and reasonable
perfectionism we all aim at.

We know how to create things without illusions. We work with reality, and we know exactly how our project will look like, how it will operate, how it will fit into the environment, and how
much it will cost.

Our optimal solution is rational and efficient in the first place, and yet synonymous with
aesthetic perfection.

Our 10-years’ experience keeps boosting us up with enthusiasm, and our team knows how to
work as a single organism for the best result.


Always open for a new contact

Dmitry Dubrovsky

Founder, designer

Xenia Valdman

Decorator, florist

Olga Litvinova

Lead Architect

Vyacheslav Korchagin


Sergey Ugarov

Founder, architect

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