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Duga is a design studio focusing on residential and public interiors, as well as architecture.

During our time at the market, we’ve added to our portfolio over 20 various facilities in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and many other Russian cities. Thus far, we’ve made projects in the most diverse categories: variously profiled medical centers and social entities, residential apartments and cottage houses, as well as offices and sports centers.

For us, key aspects of design are the architectural context, time, and details.


  • Any architectural facility extends its environment, no matter if it is interior or exterior. It might do this consistently or contrastingly, but it should keep up with the rhythm and have respect for everything around it.


  • We are absolutely sure that every epoch has its own identity and its ways of reflecting it in design. We work on our every project with due regard to the state-of-the-art technologies and today’s needs. The environment designed by us for a long time remains pertinent and can easily adjust to the rapidly changing world, yet retaining its essence and shape. For us time is a tool, merely a production technology. We curiously watch materials getting older, we are interested in how the material environment is going to change in the immediate future.


  • For us every detail matters in every case, be it detailed design documentation, selection of finishing materials, or just a sketch. We see cooperation as a push for further evolution. We treat our customers as equal partners and collaborators. We are good listeners, and you will be heard. For us, our customers’ feedback and trust is of great importance.
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