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Work process

We work on the project starting with a concept development and ending with commissioning into operation, and sometimes we supervise the construction process in collaboration with building companies. This way, we can manage project execution and design supervision better. Besides, we can cut costs and the period of work thanks to good communication between our employees and through solving problems in direct contact with the customer.



  • 2.1. Survey
  • 2.2. Comprehensive analysis
  • 2.3. Concept development
  • 2.1. Work on every project begins with obtaining accurate data about geometrical configuration of the facility, its positioning within the environment and connection to engineering utilities.
  • 2.2. Together with the customer, we develop a detailed technical design assignment to discover specific needs, gain insights into some individual features, and define our options. When working with social projects, we thoroughly study examples from both local and global experience, expose bottlenecks, study weaknesses and strengths of our competitors, and review the situation from the inside.
  • 2.3. We develop a concept in functional sketches and diagrams, collages and moodboards, using material libraries of our studio and our vendors. Such approach makes it possible to see the future facility at early project stages.


  • 3.1. Schematic design
  • 3.2. Detailed design
  • 3.3. Related design
  • 3.1. At the schematic design stage, we develop a planning concept and specify functional programs that will be used to produce a clear volume-spatial solution.
  • 3.2. At the detailed design stage, we compile all the documents necessary for building and installation works. We do our best to approach this matter with precision and accuracy, as well as to make provisions for as much issues as possible and produce top results.
  • 3.3. In some cases, related design becomes an integral part of the project and implies development of engineering technical, structural and technologic solutions like HVAC and other.


  • 4.1. Schedule of materials, project budget
  • 4.2. Estimate, work schedule
  • 4.3. Design supervision for project support
  • 4.1. For every project we compile a detailed schedule of finishing materials and equipment, with delivery dates and prices, set the project budget, and look for solutions that match our customer’s options.
  • 4.2. We work in close collaboration with building companies, which help us to timely assess construction and installation costs, as well as the completion schedule. Together with our contractors, we compile a work schedule and use it to plan deliveries and avoid delays.
  • 4.3. Designer supervision ensures consistency between project solutions and their implementation. Moreover, it helps to swiftly address minor gaps that are inevitable in the course of construction, as well as adjust materials and documents in compliance with the changes occurring during construction.


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